Thursday, May 28, 2009


« Feel me trembling, feel me fuckin shake »
(maybe one day I'll be enough)
* til then, I'll live vicariously *
> comfy in my stone prison <
{ my weakness is my fear }

Funny how through the years certain songs remind you of people who have whisped through your life, good or bad... Sometimes it's so completely random that it makes absolutely no sense to me. Here are a few of mine: [the one time in my life I'm going to err on the side obscurity, I'm only posting song titles, and probably going to abbreviate some names or even use nicknames, but I may throw in a few links to relevant posts]
Congratulations ... J. Lake
Mary Jane's Last Dance ... Wing Seeker
It's Not Over ... UPIC
Spiderweb ... Kristy
Opiate ... Curt
Last Kiss ... Jason C
Crazy Bitch ... Jason Hobbs
Stop and Stare ... Thom F
Chicken Hunting ... Josh Ogg
Friends ... Jay
Tennessee ... CD
Time of Your Life ... Pamy
Lips of an Angel ... N. Stanley
The Boy is Mine ... Kaci
Hot & Cold ... Mikel
Fishing in the Dark ... Ed
This Kiss ... The Barn Cat *** I feel compelled to explain this ... I was 17, madly in love, my boyfriend turns to me as the songs is playing, holding my hand, looks into my deep blue eyes and tells me this song reminds him of me. I momentarily became overwhelmed by him, which he completely reversed as he followed it up with, "it's full of big words that I don't understand." Great. I remind him of Faith Hill not because I'm beautiful or the kissing lyrics makes him think of me, he's tripped up over:
"It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's (ah) subliminal"

I'm so exciting.


findingmywingsinlife said...

How is it that Mary Jane's last dance reminds you of me?????

Triana said...

OMG! I'm shocked that you had to ask that!! LOL, first let me explain that it's not usually the lyrics in a song that remind me of a particular person. Mostly, it's an event, activity, or circumstance when I was enjoy that song that creates a link in my warped mind. With that established:

Mary Jane's Last Dance?? Hello! Truck stop nights. French fries & ranch. Old ass juke boxes at each table. Dancing in the aisles!! How does that NOT come to mind every time you hear the song?? Love ya!

Triana said...

Arg! I wish comments had an edit button.
"when I was enjoy" should read "when I was enjoying"