Saturday, May 16, 2009

random adventures

Random adventure weekend! April & I are on our way to Louisville for a weekend away from chaos.

We stopped in downtown Indy to cruise the busy streets afoot while deciding where we wanted to eat, finally choosing the Palomino. Of course, our usual sillyness ensued...

We're always on the prowl for a GOOD dessert on our nights out in Fort Wayne, so when the waitress asked if we'd like to see the dessert menu, I jumped.

The Tiramisu was nearly too enticing to eat, but only nearly. Actually the biggest set back to eating it was that I didn't know where to start! A miniature mug of something or other, sitting next to what appeared to be a slice of bread, half smothered by a multi-layered cake-like square dressed in a creamy topping. These things need manuals.

The mug turned out to be espresso, in which the biscotti (bread creature) should be dipped. Heaven, if such a place exists, must have a plate of that deliciousness available on every street corner.

I happily made a fool of myself while indulging in a much needed plate of sweet comfort. I was actually so "lost" in my dessert that I absent mindedly blew on the spoon (as if it were hot... I don't know what the hell I was thinking) before putting a bite into my mouth. I need help.


We finally make it back on the road cruising south to the mighty Louisville when I realize that I didn't finish loading the navigation system onto my phone before we switched drivers. I figured April threw her phone at me enough times that I could throw mine her way since I was driving. She grunted and set to work.

Anyone recall my previous post where I mentioned my trackball works opposite of what it should? Right & left move up & down ... vice versa.
It took her a few seconds & then I heard "awww crap. Your phone sucks".
*still snickering*
For a good 20 miles I explained to her how to switch applications without closing them by holding the ALT button w/her left thumb and the back arrow button w/her right thumb. By continuosly clicking the back arrow, while still holding ALT, the cursor scrolls through open applications. Let go of ALT ..... WHAM, you've switched applications.

She found this out the hard way. Several times. All the while muttering under her breath about my wonderful phone, much in the same manner as I mumble about hers.

"What did it do?"
"I don't know, I'm driving. I can't look at it while I'm driving."
"I keep letting go of both thumbs and it goes somewhere else!"
"Hold on thumb down, click the other one."
"I can't."
*giggling* "You can't?"
"No. You're gonna have to pull over and do this yourself. He wants to know if you're safe."
"What? Who? The GPS wants to know if I'm safe? What the hell?"
"No, K*** texted."
"Oh. Text him back."
"How do you normally do it?"
"Just text, yeah we r on the road cruising south"
"Oh shoot. Hey, your "u" button doesn't work"
*giggling* "Yeah cuz my ass smashed it a zillion times snowboarding. It works, keep hitting it til you find the sweet spot."
She sighs. Hands me my phone. Curls up and goes to sleep.


Rikkij said...

Yikes! This brought you within a hundred miles of me. Granny fetch the guns!! ~rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

Your soo funny! You should have seen us though, it was hilarious this weekend. I'm sure she'll follow up with some more posts about the rest of trip!