Saturday, May 23, 2009

do your thing

is it Monday? Feels like it.

Today I wore a cute white & silver striped sweater to work. While at my desk being Super Triana and doing a million things at once, I added a packet of raspberry peach flavoring to my bottle of water, typed a note into the insurance screen, grabbed my bottle of now RED water and shook it.

Do you see where this is going? …. white sweater … red drink … shaking …

Yep, you probably guessed it. I went from Super Triana to Wonder Triana in .02 seconds. I didn’t twist the cap in my haste to type my note in when the insurance rep came back on, then inadvertently grabbed the bottle & shook.

Amazingly, I didn’t do the up and down shake which would have plastered the red liquid into my shirt. Instead I did the wrist twist and merely covered my boss’s reports with burst of red liquid splashed across like a kindergartner in art class.

I don’t know why they keep me here. Comic relief? Probably.

Last week on my way to the coffee station for some hot water to add to my mocha mix, my boss stopped me to chit-chat as I walked past her office. I get fidgety, because that is what I do… When I get fidgety, I do odd things. For instance…

You remember back when you were a kid (or maybe still are) when it was entertaining to suction cup a mug to your face by inhaling the oxygen from the cup? Know what I’m talking about?

Don’t do that with a mug full of mocha powder. The sudden vacuum followed by the release causes the powder to … well … *poof* everywhere. My boss nearly died laughing. I had mocha powder in a ring around my mouth & down the front of my blouse where it wafted as I stood there in disbelief & horror. I was blowing chocolate snot out of my nose until the next day. Not good.


Last night April & I ventured to Switta Thai to eat dinner. I wore a tank top because the weather was B-E-A-utiful. I forewarned her that I’m going to wax my arm “pips” and therefore have a tiny bit of growth going on. She disgustedly ask me why I wore a tank top w/hairy arm pits. Well, I’ve done worse, and it wasn’t even noticeable until I pointed it out.

Later we decided we wanted to shoot some pool. As we’re getting out of her van she stops short & exclaims to me, “How are you going to play pool with hairy arm pits?!” Well you know, I thought I’d just braid it & tuck it under my bra straps. HELLO! Not to mention the fact that she just asked me that, loudly, in a crowded parking lot.


That night while relaxing at Deer Park after April had left for the night, a random middle aged man, walks by, glances at me, stops & says, “have you done any more episodes of your tv show?” Uhhhh, excuse me? I flustered a bit. He steps a bit more toward me saying, “You were on that local channel … you and another dark haired girl that was sitting here earlier. Are you working on another one?"

Shiiiiiiit.... that was months ago, and he recognized me? Gravy train!


findingmywingsinlife said...

Gosh, this is so much funnier reading it!!!! I'm busting a gut here!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Since you don't have a new post up, I'm telling you here- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Shadow said...

hiya, just wanna wish you a super happy birthday!!!!!