Wednesday, May 20, 2009

finally, day 3

The final installation [a few days late]
Day 3
Woke up late again, yes! April & I headed to the Falls of the Ohio, state park which happens to be in Clarksville/New Albany, IN... on the Ohio River, right across from Louisville, KY. We had a blast taking hundreds of random snapshots of each other down in the fossil bed, along side the river, and in the flower gardens.

True to my bodily functions, I had a bit of the belchies from the Thai cuisine mixed with drinking the night before. I quietly belched & moved on without a second thought, with April 50 feet away. It took her nearly a minute of ambling around before she hit the spot where I had belched. Not kidding... her face wrinkled, she stopped, and disgustedly asked if I had belched. Unbelievable! Her sniffer must work overtime.

Once while April was snapping shots of me leaning against a tree, she pauses & says to me, "stop sticking your butt out like that." Hello, darling, this is the same ass that has been following me around for years now. I'm not sticking it anywhere. In fact, I'm trying my damnedest to suck in my gut, tighten my abs, tuck my ass, shoulders back, chin up, hmmmm... am I forgetting something? Oh yes, that's it... I suppose I should be breathing somewhere in there too.

After a few hours, walking back to the van, we passed a couple walking 6 or 7 dogs. I barked at them playfully. She dryly muttered, "my best friend bark at dogs". I didn't fully catch what she said so I asked "what?" She replied, much louder this time, "my best friend darks at bogs!" Really? I couldn't stop laughing. I nearly peed myself.


Here are a few random lines that wound their way through our dinner:

(In a fake, deeply emotional, actress tone) "I don't know what I'd ever do without you darling"
(The reply, in a flat, stern tone) "YOU NEED HELP!"
"At least I don't have my tassles on anymore"
"I don't know how to suck it up as good as you do it"
"We share everything"

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