Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hate me

Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I have made. And like a
baby boy I never was man, til I saw your blue eyes cry & I held you face in
my hand. And then I fell down yelling make this go away. Make her smile
come back & shine like it used to be. And then she whispered ... how could
you do this to me? ~Blue October - Hate Me~

I don't hate you.

I was foolish enough to allow you to fill my head with false hopes & promises. Your words were empty, like everyone else's. You did nothing wrong. It is the way of life.

I don't hate you. I just fell. That's all.


findingmywingsinlife said...

That's my favorite Blue October song...

You know, random thought here, I've had "Sullen Girl" by Fiona Apple stuck in my head for a while, along with that Thriving Ivory song I like and a few others....

I can't make things better and I know you're not asking me too...but sometimes its not being the crazy friend who needs help..Sometimes it helps me more than you know just to be able to be there for you and saves me from the things that would do me harm.

Sweet Guy ISO Myself said...

There were no false promises and the words I said were true.

Triana said...

April, I understand how my "therapy sessions" are also your therapy sessions, hence the line, "I become your alibi". Thank you, for so much.

Nick James said...

Very nice poem. Thanks for the comment on my blog--I'll be stopping by your page I have a feeling. Take care!