Saturday, February 28, 2009

my escapade... the beginning

I'm on vacation. In white trash Vegas: Gatlinburg, TN. My little brother invited me to go along with him & several of his friends, knowing I was struggling with life's complications at the moment. He told me I could ride w/him & not worry about paying any of the room charges.

I initially said no, I couldn't afford to take a week off work. Then, I said YES. Why miss an opportunity like this? To get away from life & it's misery, if even for the moment.

I'm going to blog each day's adventures to keep my friends up-to-date w/o having physically comment each person. Also, to remember each moment for myself. I will most likely post several times a day. Or I may not. We'll see!

To start, you must know what I've managed to get myself into. I am in redneck Vegas. Seriously. And I'm having a blast. We have a three bedroom, three bathroom condo with a full kitchen & dinning area, fireplace, indoor & outdoor hot tub, basketball court, gym, and a world of odd things to do up & down the streets.

My cohorts for the trip are...well...different. I've never met any of them besides my mom & brother. My mom invited herself on the trip. I don't know that there is enough alcohol in the world to deal with her right now, but I'm sure as hell gonna put that theory to test.

My brother is the worlds sweetest guy. He turned 24 the day before yesterday & we are celebrating all week. He would lay down in front of a train if he thought it would benefit someone else.

All of my brother's friends are from redneck KY. Missy is a 30 something divorced woman, facial piercings, a bad dye job & frizzy hair, who brought her ex husband: bald, tattooed, car mechanic, quiet Chris.

Audrey is a late 30's riot. She acts like she's 21, but she has 5 grown kids & some grand kids. She's loud, funny (sometimes) & knows no stranger. Our first day here she walked around in bib overalls & a ball cap with her long blonde hair in a pony tail. She encourages me to drink more & laugh more. We might get along. She has adopted me as her roommate.

Mikel is going to be my fun for the trip. My kind of guy, to a T & he's already decided we make a good team. He's wayyyy gay & we have a blast. I'm so excited; someone on my level & I don't have to worry about him being catty. We look at shirts & then pick out whick guy on the street would look best wearing it. This morning, we waited to go on our walk so he could wax his eye brows. Sweet!


findingmywingsinlife said...

That last paragraph reminded me of me and Danny! OH...I'm going to have to blog that incident sometime soon...heheheheheh!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, It seems like you're having fun Triana--Stay in good spirits dear, pain does not last forever. If it did, it would be called time, and time and pain are not synonymous; at least from where I stand.