Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have been at my current job since November. One of the issues I have been having is simply communicating with other's who don't speak the same language. They fall through the cracks into the left behind; those that someone else deem's aren't worthy of the time. Is it really all that difficult, just to try? To reach out? A simple effort can go such a very, very long way. Inside the heart, are we not all the same?

Inside, there is the same pain. The same heartache. The same struggle. And even the same longing.

Wonderously, in some moments, the same thriving happiness. The same love. The same connection to the world. So why then, do these barriers exist? WHY is it so fucking difficult?

Language. So many, many avenues of language. The language we speak. The unspoken languages. The language of the heart & soul.

I despise that communication can create such havoc in one's life. Language barriers.

There is but one solid factor that can cross any barrier: love. Pure, simple, sweet LOVE. The kind the builds roots in your soul & grows strong through every storm.

My four year old son, sitting in my lap tonight as I was writing this, asked me if he could play a game on my phone. I told him, "not yet, I'm writing."

"Momma, why are you writing?"

I looked into his eyes, wise beyond his years, and decided not to hold back, "Because my heart hurts, baby".

I thought the conversation was over as he laid his head on me and stared off. A minute later, sitting up right once again, "Why don't you take some medicine?"

Lost in thought, trying to marry what was in my head & my heart; struggling to pour myself into the right language to be truthfully heard, I stumbled back to his sincere face staring intently at me. Those pale blue eyes opening that which I try so very hard to leave behind.

"Medicine for what honey?"

"For your heart." Those simple words brought stinging tears to my eyes.

"Sweetie, the only medicine for your heart is love," I whispered into his ear.

His crooked smile, "I love you momma," as he wrapped his arms around me and lay his head on my shoulder again.

He had broken the barrier. How could I have forgotten how healing love can be?

Medicine for the heart. The universal language.



findingmywingsinlife said...

Xander say that one or Logan? I love this post, er well posts.. you got two of them did you know?

Beautiful..children always seem to be able to say things better than we can can't they?

Triana said...

Ahhh, yes I did indeed have two. I was very tired & didn't realize. It's fixed now. Logan was my thinker last night, my lil sweetheart.

Greg said...

I think we could all use some of that medicine. Thanks for the beer comment tips!

Aren O. Týr said...

Indeed, agree with Greg. Funnily enough my latest post on my blog echoes the sentiments in this. I guess we both share the same recurring theme in our life.

I find it both ironic and also, on some levels, depressing that I seem to get far more meaningful communication across the ether of cyberspace and the blogosphere than I do in "real" life.

Of course, it is nice to know that I at least get it somewhere as opposed to nowhere at all.