Sunday, February 1, 2009

I yam who I yam

A few pieces of pertinent information that you should know:

A big wooly animal from Asia is a Yam. Don't try to correct an 8 -year-old Einstein.

I have graduated from the bunny blink to the doe blink. Ask April at to find out what this means.

My daughter came into the room the other night, crossed her arms in front of me, assumed "the stance", and blurted, "Cinderella's mom keeps on smacking me when I hit her cat." I was speechless. Where do y0u even attempt to start with that one? She's screwed on the gene pool, both sides of the family seriously need medicated. (No secret lingo here.)

Wing Seeker believes that I should be just fine interviewing our guests on the Hands of Partnership tv show, because I have so much experience interviewing guys in the last two years. Ummm, darling, that's not exactly how it works. Unless you want our interviews to be sold in XXX stores, and I'm pretty damn sure you would have to change the name of the show (well, it is a catchy title actually...) and quit your job. Pronto. 'Cuz that just would fly so well.

Chocolate milk is yummy.

My favorite all time answer is:
"I guess the answer is ... how long do I feel?"
Take THAT out of context and what do you get? Especially when I was having issues following the conversation in the first place. A. M. A. Zing.


CLAY said...

Ha! What a riot...I love reading these blogs.

Clayrn Darrow

findingmywingsinlife said...

See why she's my bestest friend...funny as all get out! I told Natalie that I think her and this one are kindred spirits :)