Sunday, March 1, 2009

my escapade - the weekend

Saturday evening we scored free tickets to what was advertised an a premier hip hop club & promised an endless night of dancing. We were stoked & ready to hit the dance floor like a troop of monkeys to the banana forest. It was a bit of a walk down the street, but not a distance that bothered me.

At 7:30, merely an hour after dinner, the group wanted to hit the road. I wasn't down for leaving the condo that early, but they wouldn't heed my word. So, allowing me about 20 minutes to get ready & slam a few shots, we hit the sidewalk on our way to The Party Hut.

We were the first ones at the club, as it wasn't even 9pm when we arrived. It was a nasty, run down, poor music, scary bathrooms, torn up pool tables, over charging crap hole. We decided to stick it out. Kind of.

Chris somehow thought he wouldn't need his ID & left it at the condo; thus they wouldn't let him in the club. He didn't want everyone to suffer his stupidity, so he decided to walk back & solo to get it. Missy wouldn't let him walk back himself & tagged along, leaving Cody (my lil bro), Linda (my mom), freaky Audrey, gay Mikel (I learned the correct spelling of his name) & I. We decided to play a game of pool to pass time until music & dancing started.

The pool table kept eating the cue ball & the game literally lasted an hour - having to wait between each scratch for the owner to come retrieve our cue ball in order to resume play.

Slowly the club started to fill little by little as more groups filtered in. I couldn't resist so I broke out onto the version dance floor, dragging my gay friend with me, who was looking damn hott by the way! If we could've located a more "colorful" club, I would've been there in a hot minute.

My dancing partner was on fyre; he's a fucking riot! We finally coerced the rest of the gang out on the dance floor while still waiting for Chris & Missy to return. Either we were enough entertainment for the rest of the club, or we simply scared the hell out of everyone, because the entire club flocked around the railing of the dance floor yet no one else would venture into our domain. Did I mention there was a pole??

I don't know where in the hell my lil bro got his moves from, but he shouldn't be single 'cuz he's got some sweet action. I felt ashamed being on the same dance floor with my lil bro busting his dirty moves. I tried to keep Mikel between us :)

Finally, Missy & Chris show back up & Missy dances with us for a bit. I'm in my own world, grooving like a funky chicken, when I realize that Mikel is the only one I see from my homies.

They ditched us. Seriously. At 11pm those chumps, without saying a word. I texted my brother who said he thought someone else had told Mikel & I. Nope! So we continued to dance!

After a bit, Mikel wanted to check out the scene across the street, so we headed out just after midnight. We stopped into Puckers but weren't impressed with the country music & thus headed upstairs to Hog's & Honey's. Who names these places anyway? We chilled there for the next 40 minutes, watching the scenery & checking out the people dancing on the bar, until the place closed at 1am. On a friday night. Wtf?

That was the end of my night. We walked back to the condo, again in the drizzling rain, and I crashed on the nearest bed.

I haven't left the condo all day today; simply sat sipping wine, nursing my head cold, and watching the snow fall onto the Smokey Mountains from our balcony while trying to ignore any thoughts of reality that try to creep in.

Tomorrow we are attemping snowboarding!

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findingmywingsinlife said...

please tell me you will not attempt the snowboarding while intoxicated.....