Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night I went on a severe binge drinking. Unhealthy, I know, and knew even then. I also knew that I would get a speech, because I am loved, in regards to my being out of state where she was not there to talk some sense into me & thus I set myself rampant. I also know full well the complete lashing that I will yet receive for these next few details on how my evening progressed into a "fun" night of disaster.

I started out by waking at 9am and indulging in a Rumplemintz spiked coffee. Then spent over an hour in the fitness room getting my blood circulating before returning to the condo to start cracking open the Bud Light, which I consumed a steady stream of until we left the condo @ 8pm to go dancing. Just prior to walking out the door, I slammed the final shot & half of Rumple & then gleefully follow my crew to the bar. I continued to drink until the bar closed at 1am, by which time I was now guzzling Long Island Ice Teas.

I sang Karaoke when I couldn't even read the words on the screen (too drunk) but managed to entertain my fellow patrons anyway. I danced on the bar & laughed until I couldn't breath. On the bright side of things, I didn't black out & I didn't puke! Yeah yeah yeah. I DID end up with many bruises from various things, as well as a puffy nose because some drunk dumbass fell into my face, head first.

Now, I don't know if it works this way for the rest of the world, but beer gives me gas the next day. I am not ashamed to admit this, merely ashamed of the fact that I accidentally released such a rank critter in April's van that it gagged her ... to the point that she jumped from the van and left what was remaining of her undigested dinner in the parking lot. Ooooops. Sorry hon.

Her response: reason #249 why I should not be a binge drinker.

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Natalie said...

Triana! I am surprised you didn't have a huge hangover. Lucky indeed!.xx