Sunday, March 8, 2009

dark secrets

The bruises are on the outside now. For now, I can look at my reflection & SEE the lasting effects. I can watch as the days go by & the darkness fades. I can feel the physical pain coursing through my body, instead of the sometimes dull emotional throbbing or the often heart wrenching turmoil that has overtaken me the past few weeks.

You will not like to read this.

Closing my eyes, I can imagine that the throbbing through my face, neck & chest is the only real pain that I have; that the bruising that has transformed my body into a multi-colored platform effectively hides all other injuries - the injuries that seem unreal, imagined, intangible ... incurable.

It is my body. I will use it as I please. I am not here to please you, nor am I willing to sensor my words & actions. Do you want to see me as I really am?

Look again.

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