Monday, March 9, 2009

outgrown love

I cannot think. I cannot talk. I cannot hear. I cannot write. My outlets have changed. Yesterday was the day the music died.

I cannot hear the words that used to put my soul at ease. The music that once soothed me is nothing but noise now. It does not find its place. It does not speak to me. It doesn't touch me. It holds no emotion. No recipe for calm.

I am unacceptable.
It was not love? You must be right. For why else would I feel this way?
Thank you, for your honesty & your incite.
I will return to being forgotten. Maybe one day you will return my heart? May I ask that you bring the music back to my soul as well? I am so empty without either.


Anonymous said...

You say 'forgotten' but I just remembered you...

Natalie said...

Sorry you are in so much pain. I have no words that would be helpful.

Sending a hug though.xx